shift indiacator bulb install


Searched forum and cant find instructions on how to replace shift indicator bulb. If anyone can tell me, its appreciated. Thanks.


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Haven't had my console apart in a long time, but if memory serves me right; take the shifter handle off, pull the top plate up, remove the black plastic piece where the shift selector thing is, and it should be down there. Rather simple to do, just time consuming.


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Didn't know the console lit up lol. Also I did not see a wire to hook up a bulb. Sorry to thread jack but can someone tell me what the bulb size is? Also if possible can you post a pic. Didn't notice the wire on my T-Type or GN.

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AIRC, the wire is grey. The bulb sits in a twist-in socket. You can chase the wire from behind the radio. If the carpet has been replaced, the wire may have been left under it.
You may end up taking the console out. No biggie, only 4 more screws. [A good time to clean/lube the shifter mech, too]. I just did mine, and ran PB blaster into the cable hsg. Made the shifter work much easier. I unhooked it at the trans, and worked the cable til the crud dripped out the lower end. I also blew air thru it. Got quite a bit of nasty out of it. The shifter mech was crudded up w/ old carpet fibers, dirt, rust.


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bulb is a 194 push in like the dash illumination , i/p glovebox bulb and outside turn lamp bulbs