Selling Turbo...


selling this turbo i bought as i bought a new one...paid 880 and over 200 in shipping /cry...anyway looking for about that...heres the link i have...well after the speal ....

Turbonetics Turbocharger, Wastegate and Blow Off Valve with Piping for a Buick Grand National. Used turbo in almost new condition, compressor and turbine wheels look new as well as the housings. Turbo spins smooth with no play. This thing is ready to bolt on and make some Major Horsepower.

Check out the Turbonetics website, this setup is worth close to $2,000 and is capable of making over 500 HP!

20240-633 Ceramic Coated Stage 3 Turbine Housing .63 A/R

10101-9FF125 Ceramic Coated Deltagate Wastegate

10656 Godzilla Polished Aluminum Blow Off Valve

Chrome Tube Assembly

Developed specifically for strong street / strip performance, the STAGE 3 CHEETAH utilizes an advanced turbine wheel design originally developed for Navistar. Combined with the SUPER H compressor section, this unit delivers quick boost response with efficient turbine performance

Designed for durability, with a 1.250” stainless steel valve, nomex/silicone diaphragm and with a unique “stand-off” actuator section, the DELTAGATE can control boost on engines that develop 350-400 HP. With the addition of a Variable Boost Control Regulator (PN 10402) the DELTAGATE is fully adjustable over a wide boost range.

"GODZILLA" Competition Bypass Valve
A totally unique design! The "GODZILLA" bypass valve assembly offers the ultimate in surge protection and cosmetic appeal. Highest flow capacity available - bar none! Aircraft quality construction featuring a 1 1/2" diameter all stainless steel valve assembly and a totally sealed actuator assembly. All polished aluminum with a unique V-band mount that allows a full 360 degree orientation. Includes 2" diameter discharge for system connection and weldable steel alloy mounting flange.

Eliminate the awkward and leak-prone stock flex hose with this mandrel bent smooth-flowing tube assembly, complete with couplings and clamps. fits stock and HI-FI compressor configuration.


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last person who is first in line but i havent heard back from in a couple days offered 240 shipped...i can do that...i do live in canada so shipping is a bit more expensive ...but all the same if your interested pm me...thanks noah.