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He's already said he's not sending the part after 2 months and not returning the money because I "threatened" to do this. I've bought from Mike in the past. I've been to his house. I've spoken to him on the phone.

Just what, exactly, does life get in the way of that prevents you from shipping something for 2 months while continuing to post adds for your stuff? What gets in the way of you refusing to ship the product or return the money? I'm eager to hear exactly how you have to qualify to not have your money stolen.

David Staines

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It is absolutely not a lie. Mike has admitted it here: Mirror's? I've Got Several !!

Well, There's a long story about this. I sold David an instrument cluster surround that had four small holes in the side of it as I had my tach mounted there. I put two nice Buick pins on it to cover the holes. He was fine with that & I only charged him $50 for it instead of my normal $75.Well FedEx lost the damn thing, so I put in a claim & never got a dick shit from them. I told David I'd send him an excellent one. Well then, I had some bad luck. My shop burned and I broke my back. Sorry but I didn't get it shipped right out. Next thing I know he is threatening me to go on the board & slam me.
WELL I don't take people threatening me very well so guess what? I don't give a shit if he ever gets one.
As most of you guys know I've been at this Buick game for 31 years plus and have sold to many, many of you. I have NEVER screwed anyone out of one thing. Sorry for this Rant but he totally pissed me off with his childish threats. Mike

Mike has an interesting way of telling the story.

It took about a week to reply about the part. I agreed to buy it and sent the money via pay-pal covering the interest as a gift because I know it's tough to have a 3rd party skimming your money as a seller.

After 2 weeks, I inquired about the part as it hadn't arrived. A week later I got an e-mail asking if it had arrived yet. I replied "no". Mind you... I never saw any shipping information no this. Simply Mike's word which I was perfectly fine with.

Mike asked me to call him. I got a voice mail and left my information with a request to call me back. He didn't. The next day I called again and was told that Fed-Ex lost the package. I was willing to accept this with a simple question, "How do we make this right." Mike agreed to send me a different one. I was fine with that.

Two weeks later, I sent an e-mail asking where the part was (requesting tracking information). I waited a week with no reply. Please note: I'm not pestering. I'm not hounding multiple times a day. I'm not calling him repeatedly. I'm being as considerate as possible.

On the two month anniversary, I lost it. I sent an e-mail asking Mike to either send the damn part or deal with me replying to every add he makes with what I've said above. Mike replied to the e-mail with "I'll send the damn part tomorrow. It's much less important than his wife's dementia which he's been having to deal with." That changed to a garage fire and broken back in the above quote.

Now Mike blames me for him not sending the part as he doesn't respond to threats. He has still kept the money.

I was not being unreasonable. I was not being impatient. Mike took advantage of that at every opportunity.

I will continue to tell people this whenever he posts an add.

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For Mike:

You're a stand up guy. 3 questions:

1) Did you get my money?
2) Did I get my part?
3) Do you still have my money?

Stand up and answer those questions so that people can stop calling me a liar.


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@David Staines Mike has been a great seller and source of information to many of us for a long time. I've bought a number of items from him and trust him. An overwhelming number of people here have had good experiences with him. If you're unhappy, there's a feedback forum you can post on.

Spamming messages like this just makes you look like a jerk.

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Of course it does. It needs to be said and warned. I've bought from Mike before too. I've been to his house. I've seen several people complain about Mike's responses only to be jumped by a bunch of people saying he's a stand up guy. Maybe he's just getting a bit tired?

All I know is he outright said he's not sending my part or my money back. That's being defended by you and others seemingly insisting it's just me. Everyone should know this.

For those defending Mike as a stand up guy. I'd really like you to say if it is stealing to take someone's money and not not send them the item they purchased. It's a very simple question. Mike has said he did it (see above). Is that stealing? Is that stand-up? Stop reminiscing about the past. Is what he did in the present stand-up?
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