Seattle area engine rebuild?

Does anyone know of a machine shop in the area who has done a few rebuilds on these engines? Nothing more than a stock rebuild required.


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Contact m233roller he is in the Spokane area , he built the long block that I am running right now . It has been in for 51/2 yrs , runs great .
The place is Performance Machine in Everett, Wa. - 425-355-6363.
Dave is the owner and did the machine work for Gene's car. GN Northwest also sends their stuff out to him for work.
He's also done a number of Buick V6's builds over the years - from stock rebuild to some high end build one's including the new one going in my car. IMG_20190213_191112_576.jpg IMG_20190213_191137_734.jpg IMG_20190213_191206_886.jpg