Search for original owner?

Is there a way to find the original owner of a gnx purchased new from the Dick Norris Buick dealership (still in business) in Palm Harbor FL in 1987?

Anthony P

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If Florida is a state that requires titles for all vehicles sold, regardless of age, then I'd suggest contacting a Florida dept of motor vehicles and inquire about performing a title history search and/or requesting a copy of the original application for title. You may be able to get a copy of the title issued to the original owner but privacy laws vary by state

Some states don't require titles for vehicles older than 25 model years - so there would be no archives on microfilm or microfiche to search.

Some states have a dedicated title search dept at that state's main motor vehicles office - usually in the state's capital.

contact @GNXRegistry to learn what records he has on file

As long as you can prove the VIN you are asking about is currently titled to you, there should not be a problem doing research.

EDIT ADD: dealer probably has tossed records more than 7 years old, max 10 years...thinking of IRS accounting rules.


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Greetings Jason,

Not seeing Dick Norris in any of the factory records; it may have been a "dealer drive" vehicle (retailed from a different dealership than the one originally taking delivery from GM). Email me at the Registry with VIN or number (or any owner name) and we'll be happy to investigate for you.