Scanmaster G set up ??????????????? HELP

Can someone that got the scanmaster G workung on Aldldroid post up a step by step with screen shots of each step on this thing?
1- Powerlogger updated and modified
2- Adldroid installed
3- Scanmaster paired
4- Downloaded BB ADX file
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in aldldroid, pick the adx, pick the device, reset the dash to adx default, then connect.


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That adx is for when your hooked up thru the aldl port of the car.. You going thru the powerlogger and scmg


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ya I have a friend the is a complete nerd it was easy for him.
I too was struggling ,we (my wife)and I like the Bluetooth, the cable is gone on her side of the car
The internal data logging is so worth it and holds more than i thought it would,that alone makes the G worth it


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I cannot get my bluetooth working either. Dont see that file in my list. That function was one of my main reasons to upgrade.