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Scanmaster G Dim Display

I have love the G version of the SM and it has been flawless but today when I went out in the car I could not see anything at all on the display. Pulled over and found that if you shielded ambient light from the display you could see that it was working. When I pulled into the garage, you could see the display but it is very dim. When you turn the headlights on, all other gauges light up but not the SM. I have 12 V to the correct terminal and I believe a good ground.
Anybody else have this problem or any suggestions?



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some of the early ones have done that. Its no problem to fix, but it needs to come to me.

send me an email and we can get it taken care of.

Will do Bob, thanks! I will repeat what has been said many times here....... you are a great credit to the TB community and great to work with.

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