Scanmaster: Do I need one?


I have a 87' national and am curious on the reasons why I would need a scanmaster, would anybody please break down the reasons for why I would and wouldn't need one, would be greatly appreciated. Not to sure if it's strictly a need for racing or all around road use.


Old and Bold
Yes, Absolutely!! Make it your next purchase as it is invaluable to tuning your car. The first questions asked by the "big dogs" will be for the scanmaster readings as this will tell what is going on. Do a search on this and read. Go to and Eric has written out what to look for in the readings. Good luck!:cool:


Pompous azz
Our cars are 23 years old and are not like the points and condenser musclecars of the 60-70's and have different tuning needs than older muscle cars. It is a tool that will tell you the state of your sensors (O2, TPS....) and will be invaluable when, not if, you have a problem. Think of it as a Craftsman 263 tool set made for Turbo Buicks .....and costs about the same too!!! It is necessary for the proper tuning of our cars.


Thanx for the heads up.

Is there a certain model you guys prefer over others, lemme know, greatly appreciated. Thanx again for the heads up and your time on reading and replying to the post.