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I just finished replacing my 84 T-Type heater hoses - I used Rock Auto - I used (3) "L" shaped 5/8" bypass hoses ($3.00 a piece). (1) in the front as the actual bypass from the manifold to the water pump and the other 2 Dayco 70001 as the connection from the heater core to the valve and from the valve to the coolant pipe. The hardest one to find was the 3/4" "z" shaped hose - in the front which runs from the water pump inlet to the heater coolant piping - I used Gates# 19604 (you have to trim it down a little but fits great) - it wasn't listed under the car on rockauto but if you enter the part number it pops up - all dirt cheap. I didn't have the original 3/4" hose that ran from the heater core to the coolant piping in the back of the engine but I used Gates 28479 and plan to add one 90 deg fitting. all looks original. You'll need a 2" piece of 5/8" coolant hose and the throttle body heater hoses if you use them, but they are just straight tubing cut to length - Good luck