Chuck Leeper

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This is a first!
Some assholes are trying to gather personal info via fake FED Ex emails.
The mail says my Fed ex pkge # bla bla couldn't be delivered due to wrong addy.
I need to log onto their link and confirm the addy.
YA, right. I'll jump right on that.
2 things jump out:
1. The shipping number is fake.
2. I have no Fed ex pkgs incoming.
The design, layout, etc is good evidence that this is an offshore scam.

BEWARE FOLKS! It's holiday season and the dirtbags are ramping up the scams!

T-type Jones

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I got one of those also, I knew I wasn't expecting mail, so I didn't open, just deleted it. I also got one from PaypaI. You might not be able to see it, but at the end of Paypal...It's a capitol I not a letter l, another form of "Phishing" Hackers use your permission to hack into your emails and try to steel some of your personal info. LOOK at the spelling carefully at all your emails before opening


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Thanks for the heads up . With all the grand kids , we have packages being delivered every day .