Scammed By Castle Performance


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A measly 22 HP gain?

Doesn't just having a Duttwieler catalog in your glove box achieve those HP goals...... LOL?

That owner had some less than lofty goals for his car. And for some BIG BUCKS, Castleman CAME THRU!!!!!!!!

No doubt!

Rick the pool guy

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I normally don't agree with putting a business down. If they screw me, I'll just shop somewhere else.
But these assholes are sharks. Taking peoples money and then instead of trying to make it right,
just telling the customer to fuck-off. But the fact they have the balls to brag about it. They deserve what they get.


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My goodness.. a gentleman on the forum caught me right before I was about to purchase from the Castle's. Thank God I read this forum. wow! All the things that are being said here are actual and I haven't purchased.. From the lack of call back, aloof responses.. incredible.