Rubber plug on back of intake manifold

6.5 Chevy

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I’m working on my 85 Riviera 3.8 turbo and there’s a round plug on the rear passenger side of the intake manifold, anyone know what this is for? The one on my car and my parts car are both dry rotted, anyone have a good solution for a new one? Thanks!


Anthony P

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that rubber plug covers the turbo oil drain pipe hole in the intake that the 84-85 turbo regals used.

both the turbo regals and the turbo Riviera's used the same intake manifold. the Riv's turbo and throttle body were pushed rearward and lower than the turbo regal's install location. hemmings has this turbo riv with good pics of engine bay.

it is doubtful you'll find a replacement plug. suggest buying a turbo regal oil return pipe grommet and adding a plug to that.