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The vin says turbo as far as I can tell, but then it has a wa8 which is for an NA car? Is this a turbo regal, a GN, or a complete clone? I'm confused eh. Someone wants to sell it to me for 5k. Pretty straight, but could be cleaned up and repainted. Has a turbo motor, a GN style interior for the 1984 and t tops. I just can't figure out what I'm looking at exactly



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I belive in the vin,num 8spot should be a 9. an lm9 is the the code for turbo motor.its black on black with t tops.you might just have a turbo hotair

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have to decipher the SPID label. I've covered this in detail before. go here, to post #18 for a more recent write-up and view the attachments as well as links...

cowl tag build date match door stickers (if legible)?

lear-sigler seats?

matching engine and trans? engine block and trans have last 8 of VIN stamped preceeded by #4 (for Buick division)

do a search for how to buy a turbo buick. all been covered before - no need to re-type it.

option code WA8 was a merchandised package for safety security from one reference listing. do an internet seach for codes you can't figure out. GM codes used across platforms - other forums have data.

research pics of other '84's for sale on hemmings and compare to what you are looking at.


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time for an afternoon snack so I thought I'd check this thread.

no WE2 code for GN;

W11 code is T-type package

no G80 code for positraction rear end. but GU6 for 3.42 ratio and G87 for 8.5 inch rear end

VD6 & VD7 are aluminum bumper reinforcements

another few minutes I'd be done but the OP has to learn the car he is potentially buying.;)