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Jun 18, 2001
I have a complete balanced rotating assembly I would like to sell. This assembly has maybe 250 miles on it and just 4 passes with the last one hurting #3 cylinder due to a really stupid mistake. I tore the motor down to fix it and now decided to go a different direction. The #3 piston crown is scored from where the HG blew out the side of the block not up at the valve location. It did not affect the ring land and the piston skirt is fine so I am 90% certain the piston is probably usable. But I am not selling it as such and only selling it as a good crank and rods.

BMS 3.4" stroke crank 10/10 balanced at 33.3
Oliver 6.5" Billet rods fully reconditioned with NEW rod bolts
Wiesco Pistons 8.5:1 CR with .205 Trend pins #3 crown scored rest in excellent shape.

$1400 shipped PP F&F.


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