Roller cam selection


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The only thing that would suck, is if you make enough power to push the RPM in one and two well past the peak and stress everything needlessly.

michael evans

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Have you measured for the compression ?

Don't forget to measure for the correct push rods. They will be have to be made for the build most likely.


I have a slow WH-1
I looked over the whole thing, all I saw was 20G, previous owner pained it blue over the original pink.


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It’s a thousand pounds:ROFLMAO: Taking the car to Janice this winter for a stage 1tranny and he’s going to put this converter in the car
Vince is the man, have him verify its the newer 5-disc and not an older 7-disc you dont want to run that one, in all reality you only need a single disc for high 10s on the street, i ran a 5 disc for years with a ta-61 , noisy like crushing pebbles but coupled well for a low 11s car.