roadmap for wiring details in shop manual


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Jan 10, 2004
Trying to solve a nostart condition. Nostart tree and vortex provide the information for diagnosis, but I am sure TB members will
enhance my learning curve.

Details: Owned since 2008. Many mods (Anderson performance for engine, turbo, xfi). Early this year a nostart issue was solved by
replacing the Caspers wiring harness and ecu adapter module. Car ran when off loaded from the tow truck and was parked until now.
Again a nostart condition. Rather than throw the problem back to Bill, I am determined to sort out where the problem lies. Since the car runs with the original ecm, I have to question either the Casper's stuff; reasoning that a running engine with the original ecu suggests
a non-failed engine harness. However, I would like to focus first on my engine wiring, then the Casper's components. Towards the first issue, Figure A3-20, pg 6E3-A3-23 (ECM connector terminal) and Chart A-3 pg 6E3-A3-44 (fuel injection) are what I can find. Unfortunately the 56 pins in the ecu connector (A,B,C,D), minus the ten 'not used' pins leaves 46 pins that go somewhere. The fuel injection harness accounts for 11 of the ecu pins, leaving 35 unaccounted wires. Also on the fuel injection page (Chart A-3) the wire
colors are also labelled with a number (e.g pin A11 on ecu is pin J on the 14-pin c3i injector harness; which is also labelled 630 yel in the manual.

Sorry for the long preamble, but can anyone direct me to a table that provides wire number, color and pin (both ends) for all ecu pins? I have the electronic version of the shop manual (thanks to vortex) as well as the hard bound manuals. The best I can find are the individual circuit diagrams, scattered throughout the manual, and not so easy to find for a specific circuit (you almost need to know the answer before you can find the schematic).

Since I have owned this vehicle for 1.5 decades, I have dreaded encountering a nostart condition (of which there are many postings),
especially one involving wires and connectors. Lots of failure points, noted by bloggers that these cars are old and the original wiring was substandard to begin with.

Hopefully one of you can shed some light on my nostart condition and point me to where to find more info on wiring and nostart.



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Sep 24, 2010
The fuseable links next to the starter are notorious for for failing due to heat sink and causing non start issues.

That's all I got.

Good luck.


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Jan 24, 2009
So you pulled the XFI unit and put back the stock ECM and it starts and runs ?
Are you familiar with tuning the XFI setup ? I would not rule out an XFI issue here.


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May 25, 2001
6E3-A3-23-26 covers the ECM pins, if it runs with the stock stuff I'd be checking the Caspers harness for continuity and making sure the XFI unit even works since the stock ECM works.


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Jan 10, 2004
thanks to slavageV6 and scgnx2. XFI was sent to COMP and checked fine. Harness and box where sent to
Casper's and checked fine. I would like to believe these were rigorous tests, but ???

Still searcing....