RIP Pat Fiero


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Posted on FB; old timers will remember him :)

RIP Pat...


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Pat was a great guy! Not sure how many decades I knew him. I spoke to him last year, he sounded pretty frail and a bit confused. I wanted to see him for his birthday in March but Covid 19 was already here and he wasn't accepting visitors. He was always very generous and helpful, he was a fixture at all of the BGNRA shows and races back in the day. He hosted some great BBQ's at his house for the Buick Guys too! He had been to the Buick at Bates show up until the last couple of years helping out with the raffle.

I got a text from his son David yesterday morning and knew it wasn't good news. Pat would have been 90 this year. I am grateful to have had him as a friend.

God Speed Pat!!


Jeff Rand

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I will always have good memories of Pat. Such a nice guy. I remember going to his house for a Buick gathering and looking out at Mission Bay. So peaceful. I think Pat was a teacher at a SD school.