Reproduction window stickers

I appreciate that. If I do reproduce these documents the best I could do is an overall dimension of 9.5 x 11. The aged paper I have is that size and I have to fold in the two (1/2") pin feed sides to accommodate the printer. Everything would look perfectly proportioned but would have to be that size.



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I lost all of my documentation two years ago (and I had a mountain of it at that). So, yeah, I’d be in for sure.

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Just a reminder on these reproductions. The originals were approx 9.25" x 12". My reproductions will be 8.5" x 11" excluding the side pin feeds. With the pin feeds intact, they will be 9.5 x 11. Everything will be kept in the correct proportions. Paul
To anyone interested; I will need the GM Heritage invoice and a pic of your SPID label. I will review all the information and get back to you with any questions. I will create a draft of your document and then send you a paypal invoice. Once paid I will send you a scan of any documents we are working on and review them with you to ensure everything is perfect prior to working on any final prints. Thank you all for your patience. Paul