Reproduction seat covers (where to get?)


Couldn't find an interior section to post in so sorry if this is wrong spot. I'd like to buy a set of repro seat covers for a Turbo T in tan but would also like the power 6 logo on headrests. Where can I get them?

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classic industries and original parts group has t type and regal limited upholstery in tan is one of the best highly recommended and highway stars not sure on there colors check em all out
only turbo 6 logos ive seen were in black headrests replacements

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I just installed an interior package from G-Body Parts for a 1987 T with a blue interior and had a shop install the covers as the original foam was bad.

The upper door panels were also worn so I ordered them as well.

The G-Body package looks as good as my original T with 9000 miles which also has a blue interior! :)

T What?

I wanted to recover some Lear Siegler seats out of a GN. Unfortunately I cant find any original style covers.
Rockauto sells the covers also. But I can tell you the claret ones for my car don't match. And it looks like there are only a few companys that make the covers so most of them you see are all the same sets sold at most of the venders.


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I'ld like to know who sells the correct material covers for my T. I have seen several but I haven't asked for a sample of the cloth to see how well it matches.

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I know after talking with Jaxseatcovers who bought the last of the OEM GN pallex rolls it has been gone for years
unsure on the t-type stuff they might know something there pronto

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my mistake guys it was SMS auto fabrics I spoke with who had the last of it
I cant remember all the people ive talked to any ways check them out too