Replacement shifter cable part #'s ???

Anthony P

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GM OE 25537476 is long gone. trying to update my notes what works from today's aftermarket. looking for feedback from anyone finding success in the aftermarket cables.

this 2016 thread below illustrates what I remember about the aftermarket cables - nothing good.

Any feedback for Kirban's part # 7368?

Rock Auto suggests Pioneer CA-1130

Summit suggests ATP Y-651

Anyone successfully use any of these? All supposedly the 26-1/8" (spec 26.15) length. I'm sure members can offer good used ones. I just need to update my notes what works at the moment. Thanks.

Anthony P

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Thanks Dave. Does the Pioneer part use a braided cable or solid rod like OE within the cable jacket?

did you experience any play as shown in the video in the link noted in post # 1?