Replacement radiator

Which one is the best replacement to use, just been looking around so many different options out there, f body, champion replacement (eBay)

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I went with the 87 buick regal v8 radiator.
Everything matched up no bending trans lines but no oil cooler. I wasn't running one anyways so no problem.

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i have used both, the core thickness on the monte/v8 radiator isnt as think as the f body .the lower hose on the f body is up from stock location.I have afew f body ones new in the box if interested i can ship
One thing is for sure: You will need the baddest ass fan setup money can buy to make sure it stays cool, regardless of the radiator.

Most definitely, I’ve already got dual fans just need a rad nothing serious tho just a fun street car occasionally will run down the track

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just got this notice email flyer from Cold-Case.

I got one last year from Nick Mchale and never looked back, fixed all my heating issues, rad temps never go above 180°F now.


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I went fbody and Casper’s dual fans. Fbody from Autozone. With a gn1 front mount. No ac. Temps always stay low.