Replace hydroboost


So the leaking at the firewall and Hydroboost has gotten out of control and prettymuch empties itself after about 100 miles. including ruining my floorboard i am now ruining peoples driveways.
What can I do. Can I just replace the hydroboost with a reman or new unit. I can't seem to find them on Napa or Advanced Auto websites. I guess i could rebuild but not sure about rebuild kits an where to find it. Anyone got any ides?


So i have found it at NAPA online still no luck with Advanced Auto. 164$ :nailbiting: Is that really the only option? Anyone know of a rebuild kit anywhere?


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i had the same problem... fixed it with a hydraboost rebuild kit from .
took about 2 hours to remove it, replace all the seals, and put it back in... the hardest part was the clevis on the pedal, and getting the pushrod out of the back of the booster once it was on the bench.


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Since you already have a hydroboost car you can use one out of almost any gm vehicle- i replaced my leaking 84 unit with a junkyard astrovan one last year. The accumulator leaked out all the nitrogen over the winter and was causing all kinds of whining so I swapped it with a new ac Delco unit from a 06 chevy 2500. All you need to do is swap the rod and the mounting bracket over from your current unit which only takes 5 minutes. The general used the same base booster on tons of vehicles, only differences being the length of the rod, diameter of the rod hole, and the mounting bracket. The thread, location and size for the line holes are all the same. The only other obvious difference was early units didn't have an accumulator so if your engine stalls or throws a belt you don't have any brakes. One day I will write a step by step procedure for removing the rod, till then you can pm me and I will walk you through it as I have others in the past.