Removing weight from the governor


Signal 1 J-12
Does anyone have governor weight removal data for a given RPM that they would care to share? I'm looking to get about another 400-600 RPM out of my tranny without having to manually shift the car. I have a column shifter and it's not exactly easy to get into each gear under WOT conditions. TIA

dank GN

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Truthfully every transmission is alil different and it’s hard to say that this amount of weight will shift here . So your best bet is to remove the .5 of a gram at a time and see if that gets you where you want to be . Yea it sucks but it’s better then taking out to much and have to buy another governor.


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you can weld some back on if you drill / cut too much off. Get a mortar mixing pan from the home center to catch and reuse as much trans fluid while you are "sneaking" up on it. Then when you get where you want you can spring for the "good" stuff.