Reman MAF


I am on my second MAF sensor (Reman) . I also changed my injectors and chip. Now I have a hesitation during tip in when taking off from a stop. I think its the MAF sensor but I'm hard pressed to condem it at this time.
Any help would be great.

Dan Thompson

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If your going to make the move to the translator and LS1 or LT1, go with the Tranlator Plus and the Extender Chip.

This will allow you to tune the timing at both end, idle and WOT. The Translator only allows tuning of the fuel at idle and WOT.

Besure to get the Extender chip for your injectors.

Extender cables are also available to mount the Translator inside the car. Check out my website for pictures.

rob nolan

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Get a hold of me i have a extra MAF sensor if you want to try it out. It's a factory one let me know.




Hey everybody thanks for the 411.
I have a Caspers 7 pos chip and adjustable fpr, do I really need the t-plus if I have this stuff already .

Hey Rob I was over in Granite last night looking for some trouble and the cops were thicker than shag carpet. Whats up with that ??? Give me a call I'll PM you with my #'s