recommendations for front suspension and brakes please


I am considering upgrading my front suspension and brakes. I want something decent that works and has been tried and true without a lot of modifications required. But don't want to break the bank. So I'm thinking entry level budget project. It's a street and show car only. Don't need the best for racing set up. But I do like the idea of weight reduction when practical. I have the GTA wheels. I would like single adjustable coilover shocks. Maybe tubular A-arms but not mandatory. I'll leaning towards Wilwood brakes 12" rotors with 4 piston calipers but I'm open to other options.

Mainly I want a complete package that works together and is bolt-on and go. Don't want to be searching for special washers and different size bolts to make it all fit like I have seen on some youtube installation videos.

I'm sure someone here has already installed exactly what I'm looking for and I value your input.


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