Rebuilt 2004r with low pressure and no rise from tv.

I've got a 200-4r I rebuilt over the winter. Previous owner pulled from an early 80's Chevy wagon. 60,000 original miles but he messed with the tv cable and smoked the clutches. I installed new clutches and bushings throughout. Rebuilt the pump with 10 vane rotor and everything is within spec. All clearances are nice and tight per the CK book. Didn't find anything wrong internal other than the clutches. I'm only getting 50psi of pressure on startup. Idle at 1000rpms. Tv disconnected or connected, even fully extended I'm setting at a steady 50psi. Revving the engine gets a little rise, up to maybe 80 psi. But it immediately drops back to 50. I get no rise in pressure whatsoever pulling the cable. In manual low the needle on my gauge bounces wildly. It's steady at 50 in all other gears. I've pulled the pan and verified the tv cable is connected and working properly. I have the deep pan with the long pickup and 727 filter on the end. I removed the filter and checked for cracks, found none. Verfied that the orange seal on the filter neck was not damaged on install. I did not have another guage, but did connect my trans guage to an airline and it did read my Max tank pressure which is 115psi. Not sure where to go from here. Someone please help!
First thing I wanted to check was the filter and pickup tube. I pulled those yesterday before posting and they looked okay. I'm going to try to get back under it tomorrow and drop the boost valves out. I don't suppose there's an easy way to get them out without dropping the pieces everywhere?

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It would be easier to see if you laid every part out in order in 1 photo. But yes, it appears to be in backwards.
Sorry, tried taking that pic 3 times, but couldn't get it to updload. I checked my CK manual and both the sleeve and the valve we're backwards. Got the valves back in. I'll get the filter and pan back on later tonight and retest. Thanks everyone. I will let you know how it turns out.