Random parts (headlight bezels, amplifier, alternator, catch can, MAF, etc)


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Make offer, keeping USPS Priority Shipping in mind. CONUS shipping only. Click my username for PayPal information. Descriptions below:

Kicker IX500.4: four channel amp; great for adding a nice aftermarket system with no subwoofer; could also be used in three channel configuration (6x9s + subwoofer); excellent condition and comes with all hardware and original packaging

OEM headlight bezels
: driver quality; been sprayed with a rattle can and suffer from the tell-tale sag along the top edge; would make good replacements but def not show-worthy

OEM alternator: was working perfectly fine when I pulled it off; no issues, just ugly; good for backup and/or troubleshooting purposes

OEM MAF: cracked housing; I ghetto RTV'd it back together and put a piece of 3" heavy duty hose on it; one screen removed but it DOES work and maxes out at 255; best used as an emergency spare in the trunk

OEM vacuum hard lines: powder coated gloss black and haven't been used since they were coated: SOLD

Moroso catch can: Utilizes 3/8" hose: SOLD

OEM intercooler fan: rattle can painted silver and black

OEM rear defrost switch: works...but the circuits in my rear window do not, so not needed anymore: SOLD

Aluminum wheel spacers: I bought these and used them in conjunction with the 7" aluminum reproduction rims. They work great in filling out the wheel wells if you're not using 8" rims. They have been machined to work with the stock hub. I do not know if they work with the stock steel rims due to those wheels having a different mounting surface. Worst case, you'd have to grind down the studs a little bit.

OEM wastegate: nothing special ;could take a die set to it and make it a poor man's adjustable gate

Complete 3rd brake light assembly: excellent condition

ECM kick panel: burgundy; very good condition; does NOT have the small plastic push retainer pin for the bottom section; also has a small hole drilled for better retention.

Caspers Electronics CCCI fitting: never opened

Powermaster brake pedal: driver quality; has washer and cotter pin: SOLD

Powermaster angle adapter: driver quality: SOLD

Aftermarket seat belt retainer guides: screws included

OEM 7" rims: driver quality; lots of peeling and pitting; good for cores or use one for a spare tire in the trunk; will not ship local pickup only (Clarksville, TN area)

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If you change your mind on the CONUS shipping I could use the hard lines that go to the PCV and Map. My mounting tab broke off...


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Bump. Make some offers so I can get rid of this stuff. I'm VERY reasonable with any offers. Wheels are going to the scrapyard.


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Center Caps with rims ?

If you can make it up to Clarksville, TN, you can have the rims for $100. I do have the center caps but I posted them separately on here. If the guy doesn't pay, I'll hold on to them and make it $150 for everything.

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Don't hold them for me , I just gotta find away to get there , I could not tell from the pick but 0 to 10 what would you rate them ? I don't know where your from but I live in north Ms if that helps


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I'd rate them a solid 3.5 of 10, lol. They're in my Jeep now and fixing to go to the scrapyard unless someone chimes in and wants them ASAP.