Racetronix Fuel Line kit


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I am in the process of installing the Racetronix teflon supply/return lines, 525lph Hellcat pump, and hot wire kit. The tank is dropped and fuel pump installed.
I've removed the small section of factory supply/return lines at the back of the car. The section that starts above the axle and
goes to the pump. I will leave the rest of the factory lines on the car and just cap them to seal them up. Taking them completely out in one piece
would require a lift or else they need to get cut up and removed in pieces.

Does anyone have any tips or pictures on how they routed their Racetronix supply and return lines?
I searched and unfortunately the helpful threads no longer have pictures since the server fire issue.

At the moment I have the Supply line coming off the passenger fuel rail and going straight down the front of the motor behind the turbo. Passenger
side left of water pump.
It then goes along the front of the motor then towards the drivers side frame. Following the factory supply fuel line except it does not enter
the opening in the frame k member.

The return fitting has a 90 degree fitting directly off the fuel regulator. This creates a bit of an extreme bend in the line if
you come off the regulator and go towards the front of the engine following the same path as the factory line.
Instead I came off the regulator and ran it along the top of the intake next to the drivers side injectors towards the firewall. Then down the back off the
motor along the transmission bell housing and over towards the drivers side frame where it meets the supply line. The return line rubs up against where the sheet metal of the firewall meets the floor pan. I took a hammer and pliers and bent that to make a smooth transition to prevent sharp edges from rubbing on the fuel line.

I plan on running both supply and return along the drivers side. Parallel to the factory supply line.

I can't get back to this project for a couple days but hoping those of you who have done this can offer some pictures and advice.

Also where are you mounting the fuel filter? Mike @ full throttle said to mount it on a bracket near the factory fuel pump but I am not sure
which bracket he is referring to. Pump looks like it mounts with 2 silver self tapping screws thru the filter bracket.


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When I did mine, I laid it all out on the floor next to the car so I could see it. The supply line for me had a 45 degree angle. I ran that in front of the intake across which came behind the alternator. Then the line itself makes a bend be the cruise control and then goes down behind the brake system and behind the steering wheel and then finally along the frame rail on the drivers side. The return line does the same thing. The 90 off the regulator points to the front at an angle towards the alternator and follows the supply line.
For the back of the car, I followed the stock lines and to the tank. Just be sure, you’re not pinching the lines at the tank, especially where the strap are involved and there is that ridge.
There is enough line.


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Here are pictures of my fuel lines installed.

I added some rubber fuel lines to areas where I thought it would rub and maybe cause issues. I also added some heat shielding above the muffler and on the return at the firewall. Probably not needed but it can't hurt.

The emergency brake cable clears the fuel filter but I did add some rubber there as well in case it rattles against the filter. If you mount the fuel filter to to the floor pan towards the front of the car you will have more room to the emergency cable but I didnt want to drill into the floor pan.

It took me a couple weeks to get back on this project due to Racetronix sending the wrong supply fitting at the pump. Full Throttle Speed's customer service was excellent but Racetronix was a bit delayed on getting the proper fitting out to me. FYI it isn't a typical GM 3/8" Fuel Line adapter fitting.
I think it is an excellent kit but some general directions would save most of us some time on the install.


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more pictures


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Racetronix accidentally sent a return line fitting on the supply side. Check this in your kit as it is an easy mistake to make.


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Thanks for the pics. Doing the same install now. I did the feed the same way but ran the return down the front of the engine and along driver side of the pan then paired up with the feed all the way back.


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Very nice install. Wish I had those pics when I did mine. I'm re-doing the return adding an ethanol sensor.

What ethanol sensor are you using?
Post pics of your install if you don't mind.
I'm also getting a Holley efi HP system installed as we speak. I'd like to play around with flex fuel capabilities down the road.
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