Racetronix 450 fuel pump and sending unit

Is there any downfall to running the Racetronix 450 pump and hanger of course with upgraded lines with pump gas? I prefer to run a large single vs a double pumper for a 600rwhp car


Funny because i'm interested in the same pump and have a very similar combo. I like the idea of the single because it doesn't rely on the hobbs switch. Thanks for posting!

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I think the issue with the large singe pumps is they can sometimes flow too much for the stock return lines and you cant controll the pressure, so if you have new lines should be ok.
I think the issue with the large singe pumps is they can sometimes flow too much for the stock return lines and you cant controll the pressure, so if you have new lines should be ok.
Yeah I figured that i should be, I just know when I tried running a huge single in my Chevelle I was having issues with the fuel heating from circulating so much causing vapor lock. So I had to run a double pumper on that car

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Im running E85 on a single DW 400, billet hanger and -8 and -6 lines. I have not gone over 15 psi yet but no issues with it. I am shooting for 700 hp to the wheels with this pump.


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To answer your original question, there is no downfall to running that pump with upgraded lines. The downfall is when you run that pump with stock lines. Not sure what Cruz uses, but the Racetronix teflon line kit is what I run in both mine and my Dad's car with no issues, and no smells of gas that I got with the Russell braided lines it replaced.

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Are you using the hanger and pump combo from innovative? It sounds like it.

How do you like the set up?

I’m planning to install the same
That’s the kit I was going to get they have them on sale at the moment, my car just dyno at 560 rwhp and I am out of pump, that’s why I just wanted to upgrade to 450

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I got mine from one of Nicks vendors. It looks very similar to that. I will find out and let you know. I am very happy with that pump, hanger and wiring.

Brent is putting one together for me right now
Glad you like it. Looks like it’s the way to go

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Just want to add some comments about fuel pumps and billet senders.

According to testing at Richard Clark's Garage, the DW 301 fuel pump will flow slightly better than the Walbro 450 fuel pump. The DW 400 pump will flow about the same as a double pump set up.

DW is the only in-tank fuel pump on the market with an unconditional 3 year warranty.

Other factors to consider are wiring and fuel lines.

The Innovative billet pump can be configured with stock or AN fittings, and are inter-changable. The wiring system uses high quality wiring and relays to provide ample voltage at all times.

The billet parts and assembly are made here in Phoenix, and all other components are made in the USA.

An option is fuel line kits for stock or modified applications.

This has been a 3 year project of development and testing to provide a quality product in all aspects for reliable and adequate fuel supply demands.

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I'm going to have to disagree with this, The 301 is no where close to a 450 Walbro, the 450 is very close to a DW400 up to about 80 PSI but not many people go over that. The new 525 Walbro which is the factory pump for the Dodge Hellcat (oem quality and approved, made in USA) is the highest flowing single pump available.The Racetronix 725 E85 version double pumpers and all individually flow tested before they ship. These new encapsulated pumps kits are very strong most of these double pump setups flow close to 800 LPH so no single is going to come close to them. Also because I like to check my facts I called Richard Clark this morning to verify his test results and he told me that the 301 is not stronger than a 450 and the DW400 does not outflow a double pump set up so somewhere those facts got crossed up. He system of choice is the DW400 and the GN-ECU computer controlling the pump using pulse width modulation so he can keep the factory lines. This is an interesting approach that i can see being very effective but would require a fair amount of set up and ecu tuning. We have done that here with some other pumps. In the end we have some very good options for our cars from both DW and Racetronix but I would like to keep the misinformation and confusion to a minimum however.


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Nick, Which double pumper system were you comparing the DW 400 to. The Red Armstrong DP, Racetronix 510, Racetronix 680, or anyone who purchased the DIY DP parts and random pumps?
Were these run at 13 volts or 15 volts like when you use a volt booster
Was this through -8 feeds or stock feed lines?
Have you pulled a Walbro 450 and dropped in a DW301 and saw a decrease in duty cycle?

Mike, Racetronix makes some nice things but I have had a brand new 510 pump fail in less than 6 months. That hurts the pocket. Luckily it was noticed before it hurt the engine. Cant take that risk again. I didn't bother calling FTS to send the 510 unit in because I have seen so many times where Racetronix blames the user and don't warranty the pump. Walbro 450 units should not be sold to TR owners without the Racetronix sender setup since they draw serious amps and will kill stock sender wiring. I can count at least 3 failures in the last 2 years.

For E85,
I trust the Reds unit, with a volt booster, and -8 feed and the stock feed as a return for low 10 second cars.
I use the Racetronix 450, a volt ,and the evap line as a return for low 11s and slower.
To me that offer the most reliability, and performance for the money spent.

I look forward to seeing the new pump offerings and RESULTS of testing in FAIR comparisons.
IMHO, you both could offer a unit to someone to do some back to back dyno testing and let them post the results or do it at R. Clarks Garage at the TB.COM Nationals for all to see. If this is done on a high to mid 9 second E-85 car you can see where each unit starts to fall off.

Just my thoughts.