Rabbit hole


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Oct 10, 2014
Hey Guys. I've had this 87 T since 2013. I'm the second owner of this beauty. The first thing I did was to put in a Scanmaster 2 or maybe 3, I don't know. Well, a couple years ago it developed a nasty habit of chiming whenever the headlights are on. If I turn off the dash lights the chiming stops. Well the other day I decided I would remove the chime. Because I'm a 69 yr old, 240 lb, 6'1" with a bad back and neck I don't like spending too much time under the dash. So, I tried to use my bore scope to locate the devise prior to actually crawling under. Needless to say, a bore scope isn't the best thing to use to search under the dash. I decided that wasn't working so I removed the scope. Then I found my Scanmaster isn't working at all. Simple fix, just hook the wire(s) back up. The problem is I didn't pull any wires out. Everything is just the way I installed it back in 2013. While I was under the dash I rewired the ground thinking maybe that was the problem. When I started the car, it was revving up way too high. How high I don't know because the Scanmaster isn't working. I backed off the idle control screw and that helped a little. I shut it off to come in for dinner and when I went out to put it away, the SES light came on! Revved the engine and the light goes off but the exhaust smells like it's getting too much fuel.
All I wanted to do was disconnect the stupid chime! Now I can't even drive the dag-gum thing!
Can anybody offer a fix without getting deeper in this rabbit hole?


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Oct 31, 2007
Unplug the orange wire & plug back in?

The chime is located at the top of the trans tunnel behind the radio.


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Apr 13, 2004
Since backing off the “idle control crew” you will need to make sure your TPS and IAC are set correctly. The adjustment you made very well could have thrown off one of those settings causing a code.