R.I.P. Janace Conley


Saw on Facebook a few minutes ago that Janace Conley...the always friendly and happy wife of Lawrence Conley passed away last night after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Just wanted to inform those who don't use Facebook who may have met her or dealt with her over the years. I met her a few times at a few of the Buick events and at their shop in Houston. She was a wonderful, friendly person who always seemed very happy to be a part of the Buick community along with her husband Lawrence. I'm sure the many people who have met her or had any dealings with her would agree she will be missed by the community greatly. My condolences to the Conley family and their friends in their loss.
Wow sorry to hear that condolences to Lawrence Conley and his family at there time of loss

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Peace be with Lawrence and the family .The very first parts I bought was from her and i still have them.They were pioneers in our hobby guys and she will be missed...... Prayers from the Slusser family


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I remember talking to Ms Janace on the phone to place an order. The previous owners of my car were really good friends with them. First vendor I bought from. My prayers for the family.

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I'm still running my Conley built engine. Janace was always the person I spoke with on the phone. She was great to talk to. What a loss to the Conley family and our community. Rest in peace, you will truly be missed.

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Made a lot of trips to Humble, Tx. with my car and Janice was always there and running the shop. My prayers are with the family.


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She use to tickle me when I walked in their Humble shop. She'd ask, how much money you wanna spend today? I'd reply, all of it. RIP.

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The entire Conley family has always been a class act. My condolences to you all. We haven't met enough times for you to remember me but I'll never forget any of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Im just know seeing this. Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers. Mom is in a better place for sure. Dad is doing well and involved in his local church. We are all Thankful for our friends/family & customes over the years.