Pump Gas dyno results


Wish I had another Buick!
We put the car on the dyno to tune in the FAST. Best of 13 pulls was 554RWHP and 501RWTQ. This was on 93 octane, 17* timing, and 22PSI. :eek: We had to quit before we finished after the WBO2 died on us and left us with no O2 correction :mad: and the spark plugs were blowing out. :frown: Gonna throw some more plugs in it and gap them tighter and get the trans swapped over.



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Looking good. Watch those EGT's with low timing.

Maybe high egt took out the WB?


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Most (maybe all) of the dyno charts i've noticed for our cars show much more torque than HP - until I read this one. Maybe because a 70 is happier over 25 psi???


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That is some serious power - maybe the higher HP cars are reving a lot higher pulling the HP over the TQ in the upper revs???


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we tried alky and or higher boost but ignition started skipping out so that was best we could do

I believe the car would have done better even as is since even without the alky or higher boost the ignition would start to missfire at 6000 rpm

there is 0 knock retard at the level it is now :smile:

someone asked and yes its on a 70 p-trim