PTS Xtreme billet O/D planets


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One Nice piece!!! This is the next piece we are addressing. This is the last weak link and when this works,(and most stuff PTS does, has a tendency to excel), we are now safe to higher levels of Power & Torque, never even dreamed of with any other OD transmission! PTS XTREME STRIKES AGAIN !!! They are in stock, ready to ship. 03/17/03 Can be purchased ONLY through Century Trans, PTS and all affiliated vendors. Available at a Price of $289.99! (Core charge of 15.00) Price will go up after first 50 are sold, so why not change out now before failure results. We ( All builders) have seen that the stronger billet shafts stress this part now. This has been addressed and dealt with.

All orders over $300 will receive free shipping with mention of this ad.