PTE TA49 Turbo + Terry Houston 3.5 Down Pipe DP + 3" Chrome Maf Pipe


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Just getting an early start on some parts off the last engine. More coming soon.....

TA49 Turbo PTE
Comes with actuator, DP and Exhaust flange studs.
Oil just started creeping past the exhaust shaft seal right before I went to new setup this year. It has a new PTE .63 exhaust housing on it that had less than 750 miles on. PTE made it sound like this was one of the last OG Housings available for sale. This was like $280 (receipt somewhere) and have SS studs in 2 DP holes so it's easier to put the DP on and off. Also has 3 newer SS studs and nuts for header flange side. Compressor housing was coated by LOKO years ago.

TH 3.5" DP Down Pipe
Coated, has O2 bung in it
Has a dent around the control arm from car being lowered. Has the test pipe flange missing so you'll need a muffler shop to match it up to your test pipe. Puck never stuck. I really don't want to sell this due to the GN history but I've run out of room.

Chrome 3" Inlet Maf Pipe + Coupler
Comes with blue coupler and alky hole cap.
This is chrome and not aluminum like all the newer ones. Has preturbo alky hole in case you wanna roll like that.

Buyer pays shipping
I might need a few days to get parts out
I accept PayPal, add 3% if you don't wanna do friend.


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