PTC 9.5 non lock 18 blade Convertor

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turbo nasty

Turbo Dojo / MNTR
PTC 9.5 non lock up with heavy duty sprag for 2004r. 18 blade spools my 6466 with no issue and really couples hard on top end, perfect street manners. Has about 2 k miles on it . Selling it because im going with a 4l80. Paid 1000 for it. Asking 800 plus the ride. Located in St Paul, MN


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its a deal at $800 if the Canadian dollar was better I would buy it and save it for a later date they are not going to get cheaper!

turbo nasty

Turbo Dojo / MNTR
What's your best deal on it

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Guess you were joking here to......lets cut to through the bullshit as you were leading up to a lowball. All kidding aside..... Dont waste my time.

TTT for serious buyers. This convertor isnt some club stripe, D5 restall hijinks BS. Its the real deal Holyfield!!!