Power steering pump


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Looks like mine is starting to leak, and highway stars is out of stock on reman units. If anyone has a good stock working PS pump let me know.

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not to detract what Dave is offering....

ps pumps / cores are not plentiful nowadays. if you can obtain a good unit from Dave, that will keep you going if you're not storing the car for the winter months.

in the meantime, don't trash the leaking unit. have it rebuilt. then you have a spare.



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Anthony, on Lees rebuild site there is a list of things they want to know. What is our 86/87 pump referred to in the industry?
Never heard any of these abbreviations?
Saginaw P, N ,T
GM Type II /TC

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Hi Austin, Dave's got it....thanks Dave

GM Type II reverse rotation.

While Summit shows 342 different Type II pumps, they'll cost closer to $300 or more by the time you figure out port direction and then sort through all the port fittings / styles. I think it's easier to just rebuild our specific 86-87 turbo buick / 89 TTA pumps. We know what we're starting with and what we'll get back.

if someone did convert to hydroboost brakes, then sorting thru the myriad of type II configurations might be something to look at in an effort to do better layout of lines when selecting top or bottom port and fitting type rather than adapting to the existing turbo buick setup.

the video below shows some of the different configurations of type II pumps at about the 1 minute mark. figure all those variants and then some, plus, each variant then sold by multiple brands and private labels - it's just too much to sort through it all trying to configure and adapt a new pump. I do like that these guys ask if the pump will be used in conjunction with hydroboost and what type of usage the vehicle will see.