Power master cycling to often


86GN power master problem.
The brakes are good stops never an issue there.
Consistent cyling is the issue. Leave key on, power master pump will cycle every 1 min, 45 seconds.
I have read the trouble shooting material and its not clear cut on what to do. I suspect an internal fluid leak
What is the best guess on what to do first?


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Does the pump make a spitting sound instead of a nice constant steady sound before stopping? Pressure switch can do that. If never serviced before it could well be a leak internally.


I never listened for that sound but i will.
Pressure switch and accumulater have been changed in the past.
The car gets driven maybe once a year is a big problem.
I thinking in the past when the power master was giving trouble it would seem to get better if i would drive the car more. I need to finally get it working correctly