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http://www.stingrayboats.com/products/models04/models.php?model=200LX any thoughts welcome from current boaters

a year ago the wife and i went to a boat show and saw alot of boats and talked with a few dealers....we knew we couldnt afford one right then but promised ourselves "in a year", well its been a year, and we looked at a few used boats in that time

so today i just happen to see if the local stingray dealer has a 2004 model for sale (i knew it would be cheaper than 2005) he just happened to have the exact boat we wanted....we settled on 22k out the door with dual tandem trailer, bimini top, covers, 5.0l volvo penta, etc....i feel great about this....but the deal isnt final as i havent gone on a sea trial yet (sunday i hope) but i am approved so the money aspect is no longer an issue....

the wife and i envision ourselves using the boat 2-3 times a month if not more, and we live in pensacola florida so we have a long boating season...we are beginner but avid wake boarders...and i do realize (if i have the correct info) that this boat isnt the ideal for wake boarding, but we arent experts nor do we plan on being....we imagine we will be just as into the "site seeing" aspect of boating around in the local intercoastals, and hitting the hotspot restruants/bars/etc with friends and family


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Stingray makes a great boat and the Penta is a good powertrain. Being that it is your very first boat I would suggest that you buy one that is a couple of years old. Nothing depreciates fast than a boat. Since it's your first one, you can decide if it is for you....if not, you won't have lost anything. The original owner has already taken the big hit.


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i have thought about that long and hard for a year....thats why we were looking to go used for the past year.....and i do realize the depreciation issue and am taking a gamble on that....

but we have had lots of friends in the past that had boats where we lived and toook every oppurtunity to go out with them...

now i know i have a lot to learn...care, maintenence and such, but do keep this in mind...

i own a GN :) HAHAHAHAH!

granted with the boat, i am robbing $$$ from the buick.....now i will have two black holes to my name.....
I have an 03 190ls w/ merc 4.3mpi(220hp). It is an EXCELLENT boat! Is the 5.0 injected? The mpi engines start quick every time and run very smooth. Mine will pull 2 200lb slalom skiiers out of deep water no problem and we've had it hit 65mph experimenting with props. Stingrays have such great performance and fuel efficiency its amazing. Most 19 ft. boats with the same engine can only get up to mid 50s and use more gas :eek: . Stingray builds some very good quality boats. If I have one regret its that I didnt get a bigger one, but it needed to be able to fit through the tunnel to get to the "ski lake" by my house. If its injected, buy it, you wont be dissapointed. If its not and you can afford it, look for one that is.


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Since this is your first boat I too would suggest buying one used. After several years of learning on your used boat, upgrade to a new or newer one. As already stated, nothing depreciates faster than a new boat.

I took this route and it was the smart way to go. First boat was an 18'6" Four Winns Horizon and just last year went to a 21' Crownline.

One of the first things I was told when I got my 1st boat was "your best days of boat ownership are your first and your last". I couldn't disagree more, I love my boat and am eagerly awaiting spring!


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yes its the 270 hp MPI volvo.....has more hp than the toe vehicle :p

i was somewhat concerned about pulling people out of the water, i have been pulled out by 135 hp boats and its tough for a beginner.....having 270 should be a cake walk
Skiing is no problem with that boat. Hell, bring a friend. I have pictures I took with a waterproof camera of my brother skiing right next to me. Hid it in my pocket and once we got up I pulled it out.:D Got some nice shots. We usually load up the boat with people when we ski too. Sometimes as many as nine to weigh it down for wakeboarding.:eek:


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I say get the biggest version you can afford so I can ride on it whenever I want.

You know what they say, it's better to have friends with a boat than buy your own. :D

You may want help with the gas this summer ;)


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hey welcome I am a new boat owner myself. however probably nothing as nice as what you got since i already have thousands in student loans. but since i pull in a pretty decent buck i said why not. i am counting the seconds till the very first warm day. not to far away thankfully. enjoy and good luck sting rays are nice boats and the crownlines are extremely nice boats, i will probably be getting a crownline for my next boat but first i need to learn on the one i got. good luck. since your is in I/O it will be difficult to work on (so i heard) but like you said we own GN's and if we put up with that, then this should be a breeze :D