Plug for radiator....removing oil cooler lines.

X Ray

The GNX changed my life!
Looking for the plugs used when you remove the cooler lines on the radiator....thanks in advance.


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Just use those red and blue plastic ones that come with a new radiator....... LOL.

Mine are standard threaded, hex drive, screw in plugs with some teflon tape.
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Sorry, shoulda read your question more closely before firing off my answer Rick! 🙄
I see you mean the oil cooler lines….Duhhh
Not sure about the threads in radiator , but the lines are 5/16” inverted flare

X Ray

The GNX changed my life!
The radiator takes a 1/2 tube nut that is 3/4 -18.......I bought the nut and plan on pluming it and welding it shut. I could not find a plug but one must be out there. This is for a stock radiator.


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