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John Larkin

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It is time to sell my GN. 20 years and 3 months I have had it. In the last 5 years, it has just sat except to go for emissions and an occasional romp. I am just not enjoying it anymore though I will be sad to see it gone. It's been a big part of my life and it has been fun overall. The market is probably at a peak for these cars so it is good time to start working on a sale. Wish me luck. If you're interested, read my signature and send me a note. It still looks good, probably only spent the night outside 10 days since I bought it Christmas 1999. And I kept all the OEM parts to put back to stock if someone really wanted to do so. It starts everytime and behaves nicely, a true turn-key ride.


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Good Morning:
Just was interested in the year, mileage, condition overall, where you are located and finally what are you looking to get for your beloved GN.
Thanks very much!!! Have a great day!!


John, I have had mine since new. Still enjoy it, but soon it will be time to me to move on and part ways too. I am sure they will find good homes. Good luck!

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Hi John:
Thanks so much for getting back to me with the details of your car. It sounds like a really nice car. I wish I could pull it off but with the present virus situation, I won't be working for a couple of months.
Good Luck with your BringATrailer sale!!!
Thanks again!!!