Pig rich at cold

My gn is pig rich at cold temps.
Starts and runs but after 10 or so seconds it idles weird... like lumpy idle.
At norm temps 160, it runs and idles great..

Dunno injectors size or chip(how do I check)
All I know is that is has a bigger turbo, 3.5 maf with translator.

Any help?
All the sensors are giving data, checked via TurboLink.

After the Coolant reaches 16o degrees, idle settles down and AF start to lean out a little.

Again, this is using TurboLink.


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Cracked header, then when it warms up it expands and seals crack. I had that happen with a small crack.


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Sounds like you're open loop tuning is way off but your closed loop is OK.

Just as a quick and easy test... when the engine is ice cold, unplug the orange wire coming off the battery, Wait a few seconds and plug it back up. That will reset the chip to whatever baseline it starts from. Then see if it acts any different when firing up cold.

To figure out what chip you have pop the PS kick panel out and remove the door on the ECM to expose the chip. Most all of them have an identifying sticker on them.
I will check the chip.

I store the care with the battery cable disconnected..
Also, no codes are present.

About the exhaust leak..
I know for a fact that the crossover pipe is leaking a little bit.
But if there in fact the leak... would it be rich all the time?


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If you have a pre-02 leak, yes you will be rich while off boost.

During negative pressure pulses you'll get fresh air hitting the 02 sensor. The ECM will think it's legitimate and add full in an attempt to burn it. You'll have high BLMs, rich soggy mixture, extra carbon, piss poor fuel economy and slow spooling. When you kick it, you'll notice the engine has to 'clear it's throat' then take off. (but not as hard as it should because at WOT exhaust energy is being vented out of the leak.