PCV and vacuum line relocation?


Is there any harm in putting a block off plate where the vacuum block goes and connecting all vacuum lines and PCV system to the back of the intake manifold? I will drill and tap a few holes. I want to do this to run a 1" intake spacer without rubbing the hood liner.
tap the spacer for the hard lines looks pretty cool too. i have pictures but on my other computer that's down at the moment.


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That's how mine is, I don't have pics of the back but this is what it looks like from the front :)

ImageUploadedByTurboBuick Mobile1374866777.440729.jpg

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Very nice if you come across more pics I would like to see... I had no idea we could do these kind of things to theses cars..

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My handy work today.
From left to right:
Vacuum brake booster
Boost gauge
The rest will end up in the spacer.
I ground out the EGR tower as well.
Anyone just use epoxy to fill the egr hole?

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It's been done. Why do you want to run a spacer? I don't see the point.

I do not have "hard" data, but logic and use seems to show better air flow on a modified GN. :)

If you visualize the plenum as a "reservoir" for air, the greater volume is more able to supply air to a given cylinder when the intake valve is opened.

With 9 sec. and faster cars, we can run less boost since there is more air available and the IAT is less with not as much restriction.

I have seen GN's with a Hemco or Precision plenum pick up a little HP because the cooler intake air will allow more boost.


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I'm out of town and can't look at my vac block right now.....

Is every port on that block refrenced to manifold vacuum? I was thinking one or two of them were relative to the front of the throttle blade... Much like 'ported .vs non-ported' on carberatored applications.