Parts Parts Parts!!!

Fast Eddie

:eek: :eek: :eek:

You gotta have somthing better to do, you keep this up and my car will be faster than your this year, get a job man.


This guy gets stupider with every post. I am proud of you Kenan James! Why, because you stay true to the fact that you are a complete loser. I am happy to see you mention my name in every post. I am proud of who I am and what I am. I have never mentioned that you are BLACK.

eBay had to fight on my behalf to get my money back. That took about six months. You had me sent you money for parts you were never going to send.


PM message from Kenan James.

Shut Up!


You got me, your so cool I strive to be as cool as you. Sookeim I have nothing against you racially just kind of like typing your name honestly has such a nice ring to it.

Get a life chump I don't really care what you think about
me, do you think I would send you any messages period.Stay in your little world and I will stay in mine. I happy the way things worked out

You got your money back now get over it
87 limited, Reds xp pump HW,93 chip,adj. reg,volt booster,40#inj,TE-44, Atr dp,3" single exh. ported Tb,plenum,intake and heads,Front mount,Smc Alky,dual fans,Translator w/3.5 and it's keeps going and going and going.........................