Parts I'm Bringing to Kirban's: Vac Brake set up, Frame Braces, Vac block for Vac brakes etc.

Like it says: Parts I'm Brining to Kirban's. No shipping at this time:

Complete Vacuum Brake Set Up off my White car. Worked great when pulled: $200.00
Right Rear Upper Control Arm Heat Shield (Kirban used to sell): $10.00
Vacuum Block on top of throttle body for Vacuum Brakes: $10.00
Lower Front Frame Braces with bolts: $30.00
Factory Non-adjustable Wastegate off my White car: $10.00
1 pair Factory Rear Exhaust Hangers very nice w/bolts: $15.00

Also have a factory down-pipe with factory cat attached to it (not plugged up) fair decent shape. Not bringing this unless someone is interested.


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Also have a PTC Converter # PTC10-700-27LU-s
This was in my 87 GN and worked fine but the trans had funky 2nd gear and material in the pan. I replaced the trans and converter. This converter should be gone through before use.


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