Parts car question


God loves Buicks!
Not really tech but didn't know where else to put it. I'm probably going to get rid of my 87 gn. The body is pretty shot but the drivetrain is solid. About 10K on rebuild engine with ported heads/intake, rolller cam, studs, great oil pressure. Ran a 7.7x in the 1/8th on 18 psi of boost and low timing. Also has a protorque 3200 stall in front of a lonnie diers trans with a manual brake. has other stuff like alky injection/streched BGC intercooler/ stainless exhaust/maftpro/4" cold air intake piping, just stuff like that. My question is this: Do I part it or try and sell it and if I try and sell it what do you guys think I could get for it.


turbo tom
Try selling the car as a whole first. What's wrong with the car that your thinking about parting it out? I'm sure you can make more parting it out just gotta deal with taking it all apart and shipping everything.


Car Hoarder
I think the question should be is how bad is the body? Is it cheaper to fit it or buy another body & swap everything over?


God loves Buicks!
It would be cheaper and easier to buy a body and swap it on or take everything from mine and put it on another body. I don't have the time or resources now as I need to do what's best for the family so I'm thinking about getting rid of it.