Parting out 87 GN engine


How many can I own??
I recently pulled the engine out of my 87 GN. It had a cracked head (ported too thin on one exhaust port.). The short block is already spoken for. The other parts are all still available. The intake, throttle body, stock headers, accessories, pulleys, AC compressor, AC lines, fuel lines, heater lines, Mass Air meter, Precision TE61 turbo, stock IC, IC brackets, etc, are all available. Pictures, Descriptions and prices will follow.


How many can I own??

Ignition module and coil pack $80 shipped.
Air filter with chrome pipe and MAF $90 shipped...Sold!
All pulleys, with accessory brackets, AC compressor, alternator, and tensioner. $500 shipped.
Precision TE61 turbo...needs to be rebuilt. $175 shipped
Fuel lines $40
Intake port matched to mildly ported 8445 heads. $100...Sold!
Stock throttle body $50
Stock Headers $125
Stick IC with brackets $125 shipped
Valve covers $45 shipped
Ported stock heads with big valves and new 26918 Comp springs. One head is cracked. $300 + shipping
AC lines $80 shipped
Steel heater lines $30 shipped
Billet VC Breather $35 shipped
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Is that a billet vacuum block, on top? Can I get closer pics-if it's in good conditionI'll take it.


Assuming flbuick passes on them....

I would like more info on the headers and maybe a picture? Are they cracked? Have they been repaired?