Parting out 3.8 build (new and used parts)

Brad Arnold

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ttt list is updated....posted tracking numbers on paypal...thanks alot guys

Willing to make a deal on everything i have left if someone wants it all.


My name is Brad and was in the process of building my t type and before getting to deep found out the block was junk. So moved onto a different route for the car. Selling everything engine related.

New parts for sale:

$75 Billet roller timing set

Used Parts:

$300 0.030 Je Pistons on stock rods

$75 Front timing cover w/ oil pump and water pump/pulley

$200 SMC Water meth kit (Pump, tank, nozzle, controller)

$120 Arp Main and head studs

$40 Crank Pulley(like new)

$40 Good used coil pack

$20 Double roller timing chain

$20 Stock flywheel

$150 Stainless Turbo manifolds and crossover pipe

$40 Stock coated oil pan

$10 Knock sensor

$400 ATR-RP intercooler and piping

$120 6 Seimen Deka 55lb low impedance injectors

Also have various parts of the engine harness and cylinder heads that are ported with stainless valves. If you need anything that I might have let me know and ill see if i have it....everything has a price. I did not post price on heads because of expensive shipping and there used so shoot me and offer. I can send pictures for everything just didnt want to load up the forms with tons of pictures. So shoot me a message.


Pm sent