Painting Vacuum Brake Booster


Getting ready to convert to vacuum brakes but want to paint the vacuum booster black. I was thinking of using a scotch brite, etch priming it, and then spraying it with some trim black. What is everyone else doing with the vacuum boosters? What products are you using? Any information/feedback is appreciated!



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Is your booster new or does it already have dirt or corrosion on it?

I painted mine when it was new. I sprayed it down with brake cleaner several times to remove any preservatives. I then painted it with a simple spray bomb. I used Plasti-Coat T3 paint. It is a nice satin black that matches the other black parts fairly well. Just be carefull during installation & while messing around with the brake fluid. I would cover the booster with a rag before you add the brake fluid & start bleeding the master. I got one small drop of brake fluid on the fresh paint & it stripped it immediatly.

Good luck


Thanks for the reply! The booster is a new reman unit from Cardone. Their website mentioned something about an anti-rust coating so I wanted to see what others have done and how well they have held up.


I did basically the same thing. I cleaned it with brake cleaner, primed it with SEM - black etching primer, and then painted with Rustoleum satin black. Looks nice. Just keep some water handy and a wet rag. If you get brake fluid on anything painted flush with water imediately.



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i think i'd keep brake cleaner away from a brake booster- that stuff will cause rubber to dry out, and the major thing that makes a brake booster do what it does is a big rubber diaphragm...
carb cleaner and some simple green would be the way i'd personally go..