Outlaw Armageddon in Noble, OK Live feed


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Of course all the 405 boys were there ( Dave, Sean, Chuck, Chief, etc ) I was disappointed in the big tire final, and the motorcycle final, as I thought those two races weren't even races... That's drag racing for ya... Big winner of the night was Megladon in his 69 Camaro, as Chuck couldn't even get off the line in his Mustang. In a grudge race, Big Chief went heads up against my hometown boy Frankie Taylor. In the end, Big Chief came out on top in that one. Thanks David for the link. It gave me something to do tonight, as it is raining here in Houston. Hope to see you soon. James-


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I saw that there was a GN representing at around the 4 hour mark with AMP EFI across the windshield. Still running the V6!