OT-Data Recovery Question


Automotively bi-curious
Ok, here's the deal. Running an AMD based system with XP Pro. Downloaded the SP2 a few nights ago. System ran like crap, yada yada. Decided to delete SP2 after reading about trouble with it from others. Rebooted and it wouldn't boot to Windows. Screwed something up bad. NOW...the drive shows the 2 partitions but both show up as empty. I did a re-install with a spare HD and ran the main HD as a slave both in this PC and in another PC I have here. Still showing that the 2 partitions are empty. WTF?? How in the hell did I loose all that data. Is a Maxtor 160gb partitioned into 1 - 132gb partition and another 26gb partition.

Anyone know what I can do about this? No, I didn't back up (I know I know) but I can't see that all that stuff is just GONE?!

HELP :confused: